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Crowd Control Barriers

If you are hosting an event that requires crowd control barriers take a look at our fantastic range, which has something for every budget while not compromising on the quality. When it comes to any large scale events ensuring the safety of the crowds attending is of paramount importance to make sure everyone has a good time but also a safe time. Without the correct measures in place you can end up with people getting crushed into spaces too small for the numbers of people or systems failing.

The packs we offer can be built up to cover large areas, so no matter the size of the plot you are wanting to secure we will be able to provide you with the perfect solution. Our team have put together a comprehensive range of products to suit all budgets while not compromising at all on the quality of the products for the price. Our range includes not only the standard fixed feet, light weight, yet heavy duty systems but we also provide the flat foot systems to heavily reduce the trip risk to those walking through congested areas of the crowd control barriers.

As well as the barriers that will surround the area you want to close off, or for along the route outlined for crowd flow we can also supply the walk through height sections of barrier, meaning you can allow access through an entrance that means there will be no break in the structure of the barrier. This is a benefit to events where there will be large numbers of people arriving through the same entrance. If you were to simply have a break in the crowd control barrier then the sections where the entrance is could be moved or even be pushed over if there are exceptionally large numbers coming through at one time. This is why all our products are such good quality while staying at a great price because we understand how important crowd control systems are for the safety of events with large numbers of people attending.